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TERMS OF USE FOR etrack.materials.sandvik
Welcome to E-TRACK (the “Web Page”).


These general terms and conditions apply between Alleima Tube AB, corporate registration number 556234-6832, with postal address at 811 81 Sandviken, Sweden (“Alleima Tube”) and users of the Web Page as set out below.

These general terms and conditions also apply between Alleima EMEA AB, corporate registration number 556734-2026, with postal address at 811 81 Sandviken, Sweden (“Alleima EMEA”) and users of the Web Page as set out below.

Alleima Tube and Alleima EMEAare members of the Alleima Group and references to Alleima Group means all legal entities directly or indirectly controlled by Alleima AB, corporate number 559224-1433, a public company registered in Sweden. Alleima Tube, Alleima EMEA and any other Alleima Group member which could be deemed as providing this Web Page or making deliveries under these terms are in this document referred to as “Alleima”.

The conditions applying between Alleima and all users of the Web Page are listed below under “Terms of Use.


  1. USERS

To access the Web Page, users must register as a user (the “User/s”). The Terms of Use apply to all Users and by registering the User confirms to have read and accepted the Terms of Use.

Provided that the User complies with the terms of this agreement, Alleima grants the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use our Web Page for personal, non-commercial use.


Alleima aims to have the Web Page accessible without disruptions, and that transfers of information within or to and from the Web Page shall be error free. However, Alleima provides no guarantee in this respect. Thus, from time to time the Web Page may be unavailable or subject to limited access due to planned or unplanned downtime, repairs, maintenance, updates or in connection with launches of new functionality, services or the like. Alleima aims to limit downtime as well as restrictions of access to the Web Page.

It is the ambition of Alleima to keep the information on the Web Page accurate and up-to-date, but Alleima cannot guarantee that the information is complete, accurate and up-to-date. The User is aware that the information on the Web Page is subject to continuous changes. Thus, Alleima accepts no liability for the Web Page not working satisfactorily or for the information on the Web Page not being complete, accurate or up-to-date. Further, Alleima is not liable for any damage or disruption arising out of or caused by viruses, worms or other harmful software that is transferred through the use of the Web Page.

On the Web Page, there may be links to other web pages and sources of information that are located outside the Web Page. Alleima is not responsible for the availability of these external web pages or sources of information, and Alleima neither supports nor approves, and assumes no responsibility for information and other material on or from these web pages or sources of information.


The password chosen by the User when logging on to the Web Page for the first time must be unique and shall be kept confidential. The right to the User’s user account(s) may not be transferred.

The password shall never be disclosed by the User to an unauthorized person or be put into writing such that an unauthorized person misleadingly can appear to Alleima as the User. The User undertakes to take necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized transfer of the User’s password and the User assumes full liability for any activity that occurs under the User’s account. Further, the User undertakes to hold Alleima harmless against any and all claims against Alleima arising out of use of the User’s password, regardless if such use occurred with or without the Users consent or knowledge. The User shall immediately notify Alleima of any unauthorized use of the User’s password as well as upon suspicion that an unauthorized person has gained access to the password or upon the occurrence of any other circumstance where there is a risk that the Terms of Use for the Web Page might be abused or breached.


The User is not allowed to change, publish, forward, distribute, display, participate in a transfer or sale, reproduce, create derivative works, further develop or in any other way commercialize (for e.g. in printed matter, on another Website or computer network) any of the Web page content, in whole or part, without written consent from Alleima.

As a User, you agree not to use the website for: (i) disseminating spam or unsolicited e-mail, (ii) presenting yourself as a representative of Alleima or any other third party, (iii) manipulating the content of the Web Page, including, but not limited to translating, decompiling, reverse engineering, dis-assembling or creating derivative works of it, (iv) behaving in a manner that has a negative effect on others’ possibilities to use the Web Page, (v) collecting or registering another user’s personal information, or (vi) submitting material that is offensive or infringes on the rights of others, or is unlawful, offensive, disparaging, vulgar or objectionable in any other way, or contains advertising or offers for products or services.

If the Web Page and/or the User’s password is/are used in violation of these General Condition, Alleima is authorized to immediately terminate the User’s access to the Web Page.



Alleima is the data controller for any processing of the User’s personal data within the scope of and related to the User’s user account and the use of the Web Page under these Terms of Use.

The processing relates to personal data transferred to Alleima by the User upon registration of a user account.

Alleima processes the User’s personal data for the purposes of (i) allowing use of the Web Page, (ii) providing information through advertising to the User on products of Alleima, the Alleima group and selected partners, (iii) fulfilling requirements as set out by applicable laws and regulations, (iv) protecting the rights or property of Alleima or others (including the enforcement of the Terms of Use for the Web Page).

Personal data might be processed by other companies in the Alleima group as well as by co-operating companies administrating and developing the Web Page on behalf of Alleima. For this reason, personal data may be transferred and handled in countries both inside and outside the EU and/or EEC.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the User approves the registration, processing and transfer as described above.

If the User requires information on personal data relating to the User processed by Alleima as well as requests for correction of personal data processed by Alleima, it shall be sent to Alleima using one of these forms.


The Web Page uses cookies. A cookie is a small amount of information sent from the Web Page and stored by the User’s web browser. The cookie contains information needed for the Web Page to interact with the User’s web browser and to facilitate customization of the content on the Web Page.

There are two kinds of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are deleted when the User closes the web browser and are thus not saved. Permanent cookies, however, are saved on the User’s computer for a longer period.

The Web Page uses both session cookies and permanent cookies in order to ensure that the User has logged on to the Web Page and to avoid that the User has to log on to every new page that is visited. Further, cookies are used to keep track of products put in the “shopping cart” by the User. Cookies are also used to customize Alleima services such that the User receives relevant advertising and for the purpose of customizing the services to user preferences and access rights.

By accepting these Terms of Use, the User accepts that cookies are used as described above. If the User no longer wishes to accept the use of cookies, the computer’s web browser can be set automatically to prevent cookies being saved or to alert the User each time a web page requests to store a cookie. Cookies which have already been saved can be deleted through the web browser. For further information, please see the web browser’s help section. The Web Page can be used while not accepting cookies, but only with limited functionality.


Any information made available by Alleima on the Web Page or otherwise in accordance with these Terms of Use is “Alleima Confidential Information”. The User undertakes to use the Alleima Confidential Information only in connection with the use of the Web Page, and not to transfer or otherwise disclose Alleima Confidential Information to third parties.


All intellectual property rights relating to the design and structure of the Web Page, as well as to information and content on the Web Page, are the property of Alleima (or of a third party). Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as being a transfer of, or grant of license to, any copyright, trademark, design, know-how or other registered or unregistered intellectual property.


All information and material on the Web Page is meant for educational purposes only, and in no event will Alleima be liable to any person for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages related to the use of the site, or for information on or use of any other hyperlinked web site including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on your handling system or otherwise, arising out of the use of or inability to use the information, even if Alleima is advised of the possibility of such damages.


If a competent court of law should find that a provision of these Terms of Use violates law, or otherwise is invalid or unenforceable in any way, the remaining provisions hereof shall remain in force to the extent that such provisions reasonably can be held to reflect the parties’ intentions, and each invalid or ineffective provision shall be deemed to be amended, supplemented or limited only to the extent required to make it valid and enforceable.


Alleima reserves the right at any time to amend the information and content on the Web Page including these Terms of Use. If Alleima amends these Terms of Use, the User must accept the amended Terms of Use in order to gain access to continued use of the Web Page.


This Web Page and its Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Sweden.