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ASTM 316 / 316LProduct form: Non European Origin

8 Product variants for grade ASTM 316 / 316L

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Catalogue code Outside Diameter, inch Schedule Wall Thickness Stock
FBOR-316L-1/2-40S 1/2 40S
FBOR-316L-1/2-80S 1/2 80S
FBOR-316L-3/4-40S 3/4 40S
FBOR-316L-3/4-80S 3/4 80S
FBOR-316L-1-40S 1 40S
FBOR-316L-1-80S 1 80S
FBOR-316L-11/2-40S 11/2 40S
FBOR-316L-2-40S 2 40S